Saturday, January 23, 2010

Syllabus for MBA

The question paper for MBA consists of five parts on the topics discussed below-

  • Typical business situations are given and candidates have to pick out the data and apply those data to business decisions.
  • Comprehension
  • Mathematics problems based on graduate level which also includes those learnt in class 12 or equivalent.
  • Questions based on errors in usage of English, grammar and punctuation.
  • Questions based on data sufficiency and use of facts of day-to-day.

Syllabus for MCA

MCA question paper is designed to test the candidate’s capability in following areas:

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Computer awareness
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Logical reasoning

Question paper may also contain questions based on basic science, verbal activity etc.

Syllabus for M.Tech/M.Arch/M.E./M.Plan

Mathematics (common for all candidates)

  • Determinants and Matrics
  • Calculus and ordinary Differential Equations
  • Probability and Statistics.
  • Vector calculus
  • Analytic function theory
  • Numerical Methods

Civil Engg. & Geo. Informatics

  • Concrete and Steel Structure
  • Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Remote Sensing
  • Mechanics of Solids and Structural Analysis
  • Soil Mechanics and Geo Technical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Basic Engg. and Sciences (Common for all Candidates)

  • Fundamental of Applied Mech.
  • Basic Civil Engg.
  • Basic Mechanical Engg.
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • Fundamentals of Material Science
  • Basic Electrical Engg
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Fundamentals of Physics

Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation and Avionics

  • DC & AC Machines
  • Communication Systems
  • Network Analysis
  • Transducers and Instrumentation
  • Circuit TheoryControl Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Microprocessors, Computer Applications
  • Avionics

Mechanical, Automobile and Aeronautical Engineering

  • Material Science and Metallurgy
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Automotive Engines
  • Aerodynamics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Mechanics and Machine Design
  • Thermo dynamics
  • Production Technology
  • Automotive Transmission
  • Aerospace Propulsion

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Micro Processor and Hardware Systems
  • System Programming including Assemblers, Compilers and Operating Systems
  • Database Systems
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures, Formal Language and Automatia
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Programming Methodology, Algorithms including A1 Algorithm and Data Structures.
  • Computer Networks

Production and Industrial Engineering

  • Tool Engineering, Metrology and inspection, Machine tool operation
  • Product Design, Cost Estimate, Process Planning, Design of Jigs and Fixtures and Press Tools
  • Operations Management
  • Casting, metal forming and metal joining processes
  • Engineering Materials, Computer Aided Manufacturing and Processing of Plastics
  • Operations Research
  • Quality Control Reliability and Maintenance

Applied Probabilities and Statistics

  • Measures of central tendency and Dispersion
  • Random variable
  • Sampling, sampling distribution and Estimation
  • Time series
  • Probability – Introductory ideas
  • Standard Probability distributions
  • Correlation and Regression analysis

Leather Technology

  • Chemistry of Proteins – keratin and Collagen
  • Technologies aspects of various leather manufacture
  • Leather Machinery
  • Analysis and Testing of Materials used in Leather as well as Leather Processing
  • Principles of various pre-tanning, tanning and post-tanning finishing operations
  • Designing and Construction of Footwear and Leather Goods
  • Environmental & Management in Leather Industries – Animal and Tannery by-products Utilisation

Chemistry, Chemical Engg. & Ceramic Tech

  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Thermo dynamics and Kinetics
  • Fluid Flow
  • IR, NMR and Mass Spectrometry
  • Glass & Cement
  • Organic reactions
  • Chemical Process Industries
  • Fine Ceramics
  • Electro Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry and Polymerization Processes
  • Refractory Materials


  • Building Materials
  • History of Architecture
  • Town Planning
  • Building Services
  • Climatology
  • Building Construction and Technology
  • Housing, Urban Design and Renewal
  • Landscape
  • Architecture
  • Principles of Architecture

Textile Technology

  • Textile Fibers – Properties and Production
  • Fabric Production
  • Chemical Processing of Textile Materials
  • Spinning
  • Textile Physics
  • Process and Quality Control in Textile Materials

Physics and Material Science

  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Modern Physics
  • Chemical and Thermal properties of materials
  • Crystal Physics
  • Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Materials
  • Optics and Quantum Mechanics
  • Traditional and advanced ceramics

Social Sciences

  • Settlement Geography
  • Industrial locations
  • Information Systems
  • Community Development
  • Economic Geography
  • Agglomeration Economics
  • Industrialization Policy
  • Urban Sociology
  • Development Economics and Planning
  • Social Development
  • Regional Planning
  • Rural Development
  • Economic base of settlements
  • Change, Public Participation
  • Land Economics

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I provide this information specifically for our end semester B.E,B.Tech students who are in a search for the list of colleges in Tamil Nadu with M.E,M.Tech PG courses.

Adhiyamaan Engineering College, Hosur
Environmental Engineering, Computer Aided and Design

Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering & Technology, Karaikudi
Microwave & Optical Engineering

Alagappa College of Technology, Chennai
Bio-Technology, Ceramic Tech, Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals, Footwear Sc & Engineering, Leather Tech, Textile Tech

Amrita Institute of Technology & Science, Coimbatore
Engineering Design, Manufacturing Engineering, VLSI Design, Power Electronics, Computer Vision & Image Processing

Anjalai Ammal Mahalingam Engineering College, Kovilvenni
Engineering Design

Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar
Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Power System Engineering, Process Control & Instrumentation, Thermal Power Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Power System Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering, Production Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering and Management, Construction Engineering & Management, Industrial Biotechnology

Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering, Krishnankoil (Virudhunagar)
Embedded Systems, Computer Science & Engineering, Energy Engineering, CAD/CAM, Energy Engineering, Digital Comm. & Networking, Environmental Monitoring & Management, Instrumentation & Control Engineering, VLSI Design, Power System Auto. & Integration, Network Engineering

Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering, Vadamavandal, Thiruvannamalai Dist.
Applied Electronics, Computer Science & Engineering

Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai
Power Electronics and Drives, Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Electronics, CAD/CAM

Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Alathukombai, Sathyamangalam, Erode
Applied Electronics, Power Electronics and Drives, Engineering Design, Computer Integrated Manuf., Textile Technology

Bharath Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai
Thermal Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, CAD/CAM, Power Electronics & Drives

Bharatidasan University, Tiruchirapali
Energy Conservation & Management

C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering & Technology, Vellore
Energy Engineering

C.S.I. Institute of Technology, Thovalai
Manufacturing Engineering

Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Chennai
Plastic Technology

Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
Embedded Real, Time System, Advanced Manufacturing Tech, Chemical Engineering, Comp Methods & Appl In Structural Engineering, Applied Electronics, Heat Power Engineering, Environmental Engineering & Management

College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai
Mechatronics, Software Engineering, Construction Engineering & Management, Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering, Irrigation Water Management, Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering, Structural Engineering, Urban Engineering, Computer Sc & Engineering, High Voltage Engineering / Power System Engineering, Power Electronics, Control & Instrumentation, Applied Electronics / Communication Systems, Energy Engineering, Engineering Design, Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering, Refri & Air Conditioning Engineering / IC
Engines, Medical Electronics, Optical Communication, Avionics, Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electronics, Instrumentation, Construction Engineering & Management, Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering, High Voltage Engineering / Power System Engineering, Polymer Sc & Engineering, Remote Sensing, Laser & Electro Optical Engineering

Crescent Engineering College, Vandalur
Computer Aided Design, Computer Science & Engineering, Power System Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Structural Engineering, Communication Systems

Dr. M.G.R. Engineering College, Chennai
Applied Electronics, Computer Science & Engineering, Communication Systems, Industrial Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology, Pollachi
Computer Science & Engineering, CAD/CAM

Easwari Engineering College, Chennai
Computer Science Engineering, VLSI Design

Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, Thudupathi
Manufacturing Engineering

Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar
Food Processing Technology

Govt. College of Engineering, Salem
Welding Technology, Structural Engineering, Computer Aided Design

Govt. College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, Tirunelveli Kattabomman
Computer Science & Engineering

Govt. College of Tech, Coimbatore
Environmental Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Computer Sc & Engineering, Engineering Design

Hindustan College of Engineering, Padur, Kancheepuram
Applied Electronics, Computer Aided Design, Computer Science & Engineering, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, Communication Systems

Hindustan Engineering Training Centre, Chennai
IC Engineering, Structural Engineering

Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Erode
Structural Engineering, Thermal Engineering

J.J. College of Engineering & Technology, Tiruchirappalli
Power Electronics & Drives, CAD/CAM, Computer Science & Engineering, Applied Electronics

J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Oatacamund Nilgiris

Jaya Engineering College, Thiruninravur
Textile Technology, Computer Science & Engineering

Jayam College of Engineering and Technology, Nallanur
Computer Science & Engineering

Jayaram College of Engineering & Technology, Trichy
Communication Systems, Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Sc & Engineering

Jerusalem College of Engineering, Pallikaranai, Chennai
Power Electronics, Computer Science & Engineering, Applied Electronics

K.L.N. College of Engineering, Pottapalayam
Power Systems Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Communication Systems

K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology, Tiruchengode

Applied Electronics, Computer Science & Engineering, Power Electronics and Drives, Computer Aided Design

Karunya Institute of Tech, Coimbatore

Structural Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Applied Electronics, Power Electronics & Drives, Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (CAD/CAM), Control & Instrumentation Engineering

Kongu Engineering Col, Thoppuplayam
Mechatronics Engineering, Applied Electronics, Engineering Design, Computer Science & Engineering, Construction Engineering & Management, CAD/CAM, VLSI Design, Chemical Engineering

Kumaraguru College of Tech, Coimbatore
Industrial Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Communication Systems, Applied Electronics, Energy Engineering, Structural Engineering, Power Electronics and Drives, CAD / CAM, Apparel Technology and Management, Textile Technology

Mepco Schlenk Engineering Col, Sivakasi, Virudhunagar
Power Electronics & Drives, Industrial Safety Engineering, Communication Systems, Computer Science & Engineering, Structural Engineering, Computer Aided Structural Engineering, CAD/CAM

Monomaniam Sundarnar University, Thirunelveli
Computer Science & Engineering

National Engineering College, K.R.Nagar, Kovilpatti
Energy Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Communication System, Computer Communication, Production Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapali
Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering & Management, Water Resources Engineering & Management, Computer Science, Satellite Comm/Communication System, Power Systems, Design & Production of Thermal Power Eqp, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Safety Engineering, Material Science, Welding Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, VLSI Engineering, Process Control Instrumentation, Energy Engineering, Plant Design, Non-Destructive Testing

Noorul Islam College of Engineering, Kumaracoil

Communication Systems, Computer Science & Engineering, Applied Electronics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Pavendhar Bharathidasan College of Engineering & Technology, Natraj Nagar
Computer Sc & Engineering, Communication Systems

PSG College of Tech, Peelamedu, Coimbatore
Structural Engineering, Power Electronics & Drives, Applied Electronics, Computer Science, Control Systems, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Communication System, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering Design, Fluid
Machinery, Industrial Engineering, Machine Tools Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Metallurgy, Energy Engineering, Engineering Design, VLSI Design, Structural Engineering (PT), Applied Electronics (PT), Electrical Machines (PT), Industrial Engineering (PT), Machine Tools Engineering (PT), Production Engineering (PT), Product Design & Commerce, Infrastructure Engineering, Textile Tech, Textile Technology (PT)

PSNA College of Engineering & Technology, Muthanampatty, Dindigul
Computer Science & Engineering, Power Electronics & Drives, Computer and Communication, Applied Electronics

R.M.K. Engineering College, Kavaraipettai
Computer Science & Engineering, Production Engineering & Innovation Management, Applied Electronics, VLSI Design

R.V.S. College of Engineering and Technology, Dindgul
Applied Electronics, CAD/CAM, Computer Science & Engineering

Raja College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai
Power Electronics & Drives, Computer Science and Engineering, Embedded Systems

Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Thandalam
Computer Science & Engineering, CAD/CAM

S.R.M. Engineering College, Potheri, Kottankutathur (P.O)
Power Electronics and Drives, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Chemical Engineering, VLSI, Structural Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Software Engineering, Communication Systems, Construction Technology & Management

Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Periyan, Dharmapuri
Computer Science & Engineering

Satyabhama Engineering College, Chengai Mgr
Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Aided Design

Shanmugha College of Engineering, Thirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur
Power Electronics & Drives, Thermal Engineering, Computer Science, Project Management, Advanced Computing

Sona College of Technology, Salem
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Computer Science & Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Engineering Design, Product Design and Development

Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology, Sugunapuram, Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore
Computer Science & Engineering, CAD/CAM, Communication Systems

Sri Muthukumaran Institution of Technology, Chennai
Computer Aided Design

Sri Ram Engineering College, Perumalpattu, Thiruvaallur

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore
Software Engineering, Power Electronics and Drives, Manufacturing Engineering

Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Kanchipura
Power Electronics and Drives, Computer Science & Engineering, Communication Systems, Applied Electronics

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sriperumbudu
Power Electronics and Drives, Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Thermal Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Communication Systems

Sriram Engineering College, Perumalpattu
Embedded System

SSM College of Engineering, Komarapalayam
Textile Chemistry

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai
Applied Electronics, Power Electronics & Drives, Computer Science & Engineering

St. Peter’s Engineering College, Chennai

Power Electronics and Drives, CAD/CAM

St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, Chunkankadai
Control & Instrumentation Engineering

Tagore Engineering College, Chennai
Computer Science & Engineering

Tamil Nadu College of Engineering, Karumathampatti, Coimbatore
Structural Engineering, Computer & Communication Engineering

The Indian Engineering College, Vadakkangulam, Tirunelveli
Structural Engineering

The Rajaas Engineering College, Vadakkangulam, Tirunelveli
Applied Electronics

Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
Structural Engineering, Power System Engineering, Communication Systems, Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Wireless Technologies

V.L.B. Janakimmal College of Engineering & Technology, Kovaipudur, Coimbatore
Structural Engineering

Velammal Engineering College, Chennai
Power Systems Engineering, Applied Electronics

Vellore Engineering College, Vellore

Production, Computer Science & Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Power Electronics, Energy Systems Engineering, Mechatronics

Vinayaka Mission’s Kirupananda Variyar College, Salem, Coimbatore
Computer Science & Engineering, Applied Electronics