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PART-A( 10 X2 = 20 Marks)

1] Write a program to return the address family of a socket.

2]Why must value-result arguments such as the length of a socket address structure be passed by reference?

3] Explain the syntax of the Signal Function.

4] Assume that in a concurrent sever the child runs first after the call to fork.The child then comlete the service of the client before the call to fork returns to the parent.What happens in the two calls to close?

5] State the role of pointer queries in DNS.

6] Show the members of the structure,which is referred by a function that looks up for a hostname.

7] How the server knows about the version of the communicating client

8] List out the unique values maintained by a thread.

9] Specify the MIB-II specification of TCP connection entries.

10] List out few perform indicators in a Network Management system.


11]a. i.] Discuss the syntactical issues of various address con version functions.[8)

ii. Compare the implementation detailsof concurrent and iterati ve server.(8]


11]b.i. Comare the IPV4,IV6,UNIX domain and datalink socket address structures,state your assumptions. [8]

ii. Write notes on byte ordering functions.[8]

12]a. Discus about the following scenarios of server operations

i.] Crashing of server host.[6]

ii.] Crashing and rebooting of server host.[6]

iii.] Shutdown of server host.[4 marks]


12]b. Explain in detail about the various I/O models in unix operating system.[16]

13]a.i. Assume both a client and server set the SO_KEEPALIVE socket option and the connectivity is maintained between the peers but them is no exchange of data. When the keepalive timer expires every 2 hours, how many TCP segments are exchanged across the connection? Justify your answer with an illustration.[6)

ii. Write a program that checks all the socket options of a socket and sets the value for receiver buffer size to 520 bytes.(10)


13]b.i. Write notes on RES_USE_INET6 resolver option in gethostbyname and gethostbyname2 functions. [8]

ii.]Discuss any four TCP socket options in details.[8]

14]a.i. Compare

1. Fork and Thread.(4)

2. Wait and Waitpid with code.(4)

14]ii. Write a 'C' program that can generate an ICMPv4 echo request packet and process the recived ICMPv4 echo reply.(8)


14]b. Write short notes on

i.] Raw socket creation.(4)

ii.] Raw socket output.(6)

iii.] Raw socket input.(6)

15]a.i. Explain the data types in UNIVERSAL class of ASN.1 for SNMP MIB.(8)

ii.] Write notes on Network configuration control.(8)


15]b. Explain the syntax of the various SNMPv1 message formats.(16)

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