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B.E./B.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATION, May/June 2007

Annual Pattern First Year

(Regulation 2004)

Computer Science and Engineering


(Common to Information Technology )

Time:Three hours Maximum:100 marks

Answer all questions

(PART A-10*2=20 marks)

!.What is intrinsic semiconductor? Give two examples.

2.What is meant by zener breakdown?

3.What are the biasing conditions to operate a transistor in active region?

4.What is thermal runaway?

5.List the merits and demerits of negative feedback.

6.Write the Barkhausen criterion condition for oscillator.

7.Draw the VI characteristics of DIAC.

8.What is an opto-isolator.

9.What is meant by precision rectifier?

10.Mention the ideal characteristics of op-amp.

(PART B-5*16=80 marks)

11.(a).Discuss the VI characteristics of P-N diode and zener Diode with their

construction and principle of operation.


(b).(i).Explain the operation of full wave rectifier with necessar y wave forms.

(ii).With suitable circuit diagram, explain the operation of positive clipper, negative

clipper, positive clamper and negative clamper.

12.(a).Discuss the VI characteristics of any two types of MOSFET.


(b).Determine the operating points of the following circuit. Also find the stability

factor if ß value of the silicon transistor is 50.

13.(a).Design a negative feed back amplifier with a feed back factor of 10%. Also

find the number of stages required to get a gain of 100 with feed back. Assume the

non feed back amplifier has a gain of 1000.


(b).Write short notes on the following:

(i).Colpitts oscillator.

(ii).Bistable multivibrator

14.(a).Explain the VI characteristics of SCR and TRIAC.


(b).Discuss the operation of LCD and solar cell in detail.

15.(a).With operational amplifier, explain the operation of Wein bridge oscillator and

low pass filter.


(b).Explain the applications of op-amp with respect to the following:

(i).Non inverting amplifier



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