Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Seventh Semester

(Regulation 2004)

Aeronautical Engineering


(Common to all branches of B.E./B.Tech except Biotechnology, Chemical

Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Polymer Technology, Textile Technology,

Textile Technology (Fashion Technology), Textile Technology(Textile Chemistry)

and Marine Engineering)

(Common to B.E.(Part-Time) Sixth Semester Regulation 2005 Electronics and

Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)

Time : Three hours Maximum :100 marks

Use of Statistical Tables is permitted.

Answer ALL questions.

PART A - (10 x 2=20 marks)

1. Define Quality as per Ed. Deming?

2. What do you understand by quality statement?

3.Expalin: Empowerment?

4.Explain:Supplier selection?

5.List out various measurements of dispersion in SPC?

6.Explain the rules to be followed in sample selection?

7.List down the pillars of TPM?

8. Expalin:Taguchi Quality Loss Function?

9. Explain about NCR?

10. Expalin the need for the quality systems in an organization?

PART B - (5 x 16=80)

11. (a).(i) List out the barriers of TPM implementation?[marks 8]

(ii). Discuss about the analysis techniques for the quality cost?[marks 8]


(b). (i). Explain the principles of TQM?[marks 8]

(ii) Expalin about the strategic planning?[marks 8]

12. (a). Explain the following:

(i). 5S[marks 5]

(ii) Kaizen[marks 5]

(iii) Supplier rating and relationship diagram[marks 6]


(b) Discuss about Maslow's need hierarchy theory and Herzberg's two factor theory

for motivation?[marks 16]

13. (a). Explian in detail:

(i). Process capability[marks 8]

(ii). Six sigma[marks 8]


(b) Discuss the need, construction and applications of control charts for

variables.[marks 16]

14. (a). Discuss the objectives, process, outcome and benefits of FMEA?[marks 16]


(b). Explain about the following:

(i). QFD process[marks 8]

(ii). Benchmarking process[marks 8]

15.(a). (i). Explain about quality system auditing?[marks 8]

(ii) Discuss the implementation of ISO:9000:2000 quality systems?[marks 8]


(b).(i). Explain about the documentation process in ISO 9000:2000 system?[marks 8]

(ii) Discuss ISO 14000 requirements and its benefits?[marks 8

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