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Seventh Semester
Computer Science and Engineering
(Regulation 2004)
Time :Three hours Maximum:100 Marks.

Answer ALL questions
PART A-(10*2=20marks)
1.State the critical characteristics of information.
2.List the components used in security models.
3.Name the counter measures on threats.
4.Differentiate between threats and attacks.
5.Mention the benefits of risk management.
6.State the roles involved in Risk management.
7.Name the people affected in security policy.
8.State the pros of Visa international security model.
9.List any two IDS.Mention its category of classification
10.What are the basic functions of access controldevices?.

PART B-(5*16=80 marks)
11.(a) Discuss in detail NSTISSC security model.
(b)What is SDLC?Illustrate the security of SDLC.
12(a) Explain in detail the different types of cryptanalytic attacks.
(b)Discuss in detail the Legal ,Ethical and Professionalism issues during security investigation.
13(a)What is risk Management?.State the methods of identifying and assessing risk management.
(b)Discuss in detail the process of assessing and controlling risk management issues.
14(a)(i) Compare and contrast the ISO 17700 with BS7799 NIST security models.
(ii) Briefly explain the NIST SECURITY MODEL
(b) List the styles of architecture security models .Discuss them in detail.
15 (a)(i) What is intrusion detection system ?.Explain its types in detail.
(ii).Write short notes on scanning and analysis tools used during design.
(b) (i)What is cryptography ?.Discuss the authentication models used in cryptography.
(ii) Write notes on the control devices used in security design

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