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Sixth Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering

EC 1006 – MEDICAL ELECTRONICS (Regulation 2004)

Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks

Answer ALL questions.

PART A - (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

1. Define resting and action potential.

2. Define Latency as related to EMG.

3. What are Korotkoff sounds?

4. What is a colorimeter? State its use.

5. Draw the block diagram of a Bio – Telemetry system.

6. Distinguish between internal and External pacemakers.

7. Distinguish between Radiography and Fluoroscopy.

8. What is Angiography?

9. What is Thermography? State its applications.

10. What are the functions of endoscopy unit?

PART –B (5x16 = 80 Marks)

11. a) i) What is Half cell potential? [2 Marks]

ii) What are the three types of electrodes and mention its use.[6 marks]

iii) Discuss Microelectrodes in detail [8 marks]


b) i) Bring out the salient features of Phonocardiography [8 marks]

ii) With suitable diagrams explain the method of measurement of conduction velocity in peripheral nerves. [8 marks]

12. a) i) Describe the measurement of PH in blood. [8 marks]

ii) Describe the principle of working of an Electrophoresis apparatus. [8 marks]


b) i) Define Cardiac output [2 marks] ii) Explain the measurement of Cardiac output by indicator Dilution method. [8 marks]

iii) What are the drawbacks of Indicator Dilution method and how is it overcome? [6 marks]

13. a) Discuss with suitable block diagrams the different modes of operation of cardiac pacemakers [16 marks]


b) i) What is a Defibrillator? [2 marks]

ii) Distinguish between internal and External Defibrillators.[6 marks]

iii) With block diagram describe the operation of Synchronised DC Defibrillator. [10 marks]

14. a) Draw the block diagram of an X-ray machine and explain the function of each block. [16 marks]


b) Write short notes on

i) Image intensifiers. [8 marks]

ii) Fluoroscopy [8 marks]

15. a) i) Discuss the various applications of lasers in different fields of medicine [10 marks]

ii) Mention the specific advantages of Laser Surgery. [6 marks]


b) i) What are micro shocks and macro shocks? [4 marks]

ii) What is meant by Let go current? [2 marks]

iii) Tabulate the physiological effects of current at 50Hz. [6 marks]

iv) Explain the working of ground fault Interrupter. [4 marks]

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