Wednesday, February 3, 2010


1. What are the Multilayer of the security?
2. Email spoofing?
3. What do you understands by the term methodology ?
4. Explain the Risk Management?
5. Software privacy?
6. What is called Elite Hacker?
7. Clarify Brute force attack?
8. Indicate the necessary of deterrence?
9. What you mean by liability?
10. State dumpster driving?
11. List out three categories of control ?
12. Def transference?
13. what is Policy?
14. Give details about Evidence?
15. What is Firewall?
16. State Alert message?
17. What do you meant by Proxy-server?
18. Define Socks?
19. Specify a padded cell?
20. Define Mantrap?


21.a) List out the Components of an Information System? 6
b) Briefly discuss Security System Development life cycle? 6
22. List out the different Attacks caused in the security . Explain any 12?
23. Write short note on Codes of Ethics and professional organizations?
24.a) What is Risk Assessment ? Exp steps? 6
b) Approaches of Risk control strategies? 6
25.a) Write short notes on ISO 17799/BS7799? 4
b) How do you design security Architecture ? 8
26. In what we can Categorize Firewall by Processing mode.Discuss/
27. Indicate the Technologies associated with Access Control ?
28. Illustrate the various Cryptography Tools?


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