Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MG1351 Principles of management – May/June 2009

Part A

1. Define management

2. What is meant by espirit de corps?

3. Define Strategies

4. Define planning premises

5. What is SBU?

6. What is span of management?

7. Define motivation

8. What is meant by job enlargement?

9. What is critical point control?

10. Define productivity

Part B

11 (a) Define management. What is meant by management process? How do the

required managerial skills differ in organization hierarchy?


(b) Mention the different schools of management. Discuss the contribution of human

behavior school.

12.(a) Define MBO. Describe the benefits and weaknesses of MBO and ways to

overcome them.


(b) Distinguish between programme and non programmed decision and discuss the

modern approaches to decision making under uncertainty.

13. (a) Define matrix organization. Why matrix organization is used? Discuss the

problems with matrix management and guidelines for making matrix management



(b) Analyze the position requirements, important characteristics of job design and

characteristics needed by managers.

14. (a) Discuss the various leadership behaviour and styles r anging from maximum to



(b) Discuss the maslows need hierarchy theory. Compare and contrast the maslow and

herzberg theory of motivation.

15. (a) Explain the traditional and modern technologies of budgeting in detail.


(b) Describe the tools and techniques other than operations research for improving the

productivity and discuss the future of operations research.

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